Martedì 28 Marzo 2023

RINA: arriva la doppia certificazione UE e USA «Global Compliance». ZarFormenti è il primo cantiere di gommoni ad ottenerla

RINA Services ha presentato al Monaco Yacht Show 2015, cinque nuovi servizi dedicati alla nautica e allo yachting. Tra questi spicca la certificazione «Global Compliance», che – spiega RINA Services – consente di dimostrare che un’imbarcazione possiede i requisiti richiesti per la navigazione sia nell’Unione Europea sia negli Stati Uniti.

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RINA Launches New Services for Yacht


Press release - Italy-based classification society RINA has launched a series of new services and standards aimed at helping the growing global yacht industry to grow efficiencies and reduce its environmental footprint.

The five new services being rolled out in the last quarter of 2015 are a Global Compliance certification for boats to show they meet both US and EU standards, a set of courses and certification for Marina Managers, Electromagnetic Interference & Hazard Evaluation, a new class notation for yachts that measures the environmental impact of the whole life cycle of the yachts and new rules for a more extensive use of glass on the hull and superstructure.

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